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Eating Well

Eating well includes making healthy food choices that taste good. Peanuts make eating well easy. Peanuts are enjoyed by all age groups and the research shows that all age groups benefit from eating them. Peanuts are a whole food that packs in a lot of nutrition into just one serving. And when used in cooking, the unique flavor of peanuts, peanut butter, and peanut oil adds depth and fulfillment in addition to quality nutrients.

Living a healthy lifestyle or trying to lose weight may seem challenging at times. Oftentimes, there is the thought that being restrictive of certain foods or of fat is the best approach. Numerous diets that incorporate peanuts, however, show that people do better on diets that don’t cut out such wholesome foods or healthy fats. Eating recommendations set by different health authorities also factor in peanuts, as the benefits of consuming them are clear.

Are Peanuts Good For Your Health?

From the healthy fats, protein, and fiber in peanuts to their micronutrients and bioactive components, peanuts can help improve your health and how you perform each day. Since peanuts are so good for health and longevity, a majority of the food pyramids that have been developed for various cultures and population groups to help us apply healthy eating on a daily basis include peanuts..