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Peanut Products

We know that peanut kernels make a satisfying snack, but did you know that peanut products come in a variety of forms from snack foods to a cooking ingredient? We can think of no other food more versatile and adaptable! Try peanut butter instead of your usual sandwich filling or peanut oil for a healthier way to deep-fry. Any of these savory and gourmet products will get you well on your way to “Eating a Little, Every day!”

Peanut Based Products

If you thought eating peanuts was the only way to enjoy them (and we certainly agree that’s a great choice), well then it’s time to buckle up — because these little legumes have inspired hundreds of incredible uses that go way beyond food.

According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, the total U.S. peanut production in 2021 measured 6.4 billion pounds. Of that, about 60% was used for peanut butter production, while about 15% was crushed for peanut oil, which produces cake and meal as byproducts. (Peanut meal contains high levels of protein vegetable meal, which is primarily used in animal feed and fertilizers.) 

Peanut hulls and fibers are also a natural fit for both industrial and agricultural uses, including as industrial-grade absorbents and biomass feed.

But that’s only the beginning, because peanuts and peanut products can be found everywhere — from the farm to the pharmacy, in cosmetics, cleaning products and more. Who knew so many possibilities were hiding in one little plant?

George Washington Carver, That’s Who.

That’s right: the Peanut Man himself, George Washington Carver. His tireless work is credited for bolstering the rural South’s economic progress, and the incredible explosion of peanut popularity that came with it. If you’d like to learn more about the non-edible side of Carver’s incredible legacy, be sure to check out our blog on his amazing life and work.