Health & Nutrition Studies

The Peanut Institute manages and reports on a wealth of knowledge about how peanuts contribute to health and wellness. We share this information through our many publications, such as Food for Thought, white papers, and fact sheets which can be viewed under Materials. The Peanut Institute also produces presentations and video on a variety of topics, including peanuts and health and peanuts in the culinary world.

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Weight Maintenance

Protective Nutrients

Peanut Skins Contain Health-Promoting Nutrition

I’ll Have Peanuts, With Skin, Please… Peanut skins have an abundant amount of natural antioxidants and a high content of dietary fiber, says new study. Even different types of roasted peanut skins, such as light-roasted or dark-roasted, contain these high amounts....

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Disease Prevention

Heart Health

Eat Peanuts Daily, Decrease Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Peanut flavoring – salted, spicy, honey-roasted, or unsalted – did not impact positive health benefits of peanuts, according to new study. Daily peanut consumption reduced blood pressure in all participants during the first two weeks, even in those with high blood...

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Long Life

Vegetarian Diets May Extend Life

New data from the Adventist Health Study-2 shows that vegetarian diets are associated with lower death rates, from all health-related causes, compared to non-vegetarian diets. When The Peanut Institute attended the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition...

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