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Dips and Sauces Recipes

Peanut dips and sauces are used all around the world. You will find them in Thai food, asian dishes and even in recipes from Egypt! Not only do these peanut dipping sauces and dressings turn your dish from ‘ok’ to ‘oh wow,’ they are a nutritious ingredient that adds tons of health benefits to the meal.

What is served with peanut dipping sauce?

The possibilities are endless, but some common uses for peanut sauces include spring rolls, noodle dishes and as a peanut butter vegetable dip for all kinds of veggies. This ingredient can add a new take on traditional sauces and dips like yogurt dips, BBQ sauces and so much more. Call it a dressing and put your peanut sauce recipe on salads, dinner recipes or use it for appetizers.

How do you make peanut sauce?

Every recipe is different and has its own steps, but the basics remain the same: Add peanut butter, your other ingredients, and mix. Add water, and mix again. And there you go! Super easy and simple. The key to a great peanut sauce is a great consistency. If the sauce is too thin, add some water, if it’s too thick, add more peanut butter. The beauty of homemade peanut sauce is that you can make it your own. Start with some of the great recipes listed here to see what these peanut sauces can add to your meals.