A higher-protein nut-based snack product suppresses glycaemia and decreases glycaemic response to co-ingested carbohydrate in an overweight prediabetic Asian Chinese cohort: the Tū Ora postprandial RCT

Year Published: 2021


Journal of Nutritional Science


Louise W. Lu, Marta P. Silvestre, Ivana R. Sequeira, Lindsay D. Plank, Meika Foster, Nikki Middleditch, Alejandra Acevedo-Fani, Kieren G. Hollingsworth and Sally D. Poppitt


This randomized controlled trial examined the effects of a nut-based snack (including peanuts) on postprandial gycemic response when compared to a higher carbohydrate meal.

Key Findings

Key Findings: The high protein, nut based snack significantly reduced postprandial glucose response and also attenuated glucose response by 25% when eaten with white bread. The authors conclude that "a nut-based snack product may be a healthier alternative to an energy equivalent cereal-based product with evidence of both a lower postprandial glycaemic response and modulation of CHO-induced hyperglycaemia even in high-risk, overweight, pre-diabetic adults."