Acute Peanut Consumption Alters Postprandial Lipids and Vascular Responses in Healthy Overweight or Obese Men

Year Published: 2017


J Nutr


Xiaoran Liu, Alison M Hill, Sheila G West, Rachel M Gabauer, Cindy E McCrea, Jennifer A Fleming, and Penny M Kris-Etherton


This was a randomized controlled crossover study that evaluated the effect of peanut shake consumption vs a control shake on postprandial lipid levels (blood lipid levels after a meal) and endothelial function (function of the blood vessels). The study included 15 participants with an average age of 26.7 yrs.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Results showed that after ingesting the peanut shake: 1. Triglyceride levels were decreased (p=0.047) 2. Endothelial function was maintained, in contrast to the control shake, which decreased its function significantly (p=0.029).