Adherence to the MIND diet in relation to glioma: a case-control study

Year Published: 2020


Nutr Neurosci


Sanaz Soltani, Mehdi Shayanfar, Sanaz Benisi-Kohansal, Minoo Mohammad-Shirazi, Giuve Sharifi, Abolghassem Djazayeri, Ahmad Esmaillzadeh


This case-control study looked at the relationship between MIND Diet adherence and risk of glioma in hospital patients. The MIND Diet emphasizes foods that are beneficial for brain health, including berries, whole grains, peanuts/tree nuts, and vegetables. Glioma is a type of brain tumor. 128 newly diagnosed glioma cases were compared to 256 controls.

Key Findings

Key Findings: According to the authors, "Individuals with the greatest adherence to the MIND diet were less likely to have glioma compared with those with the lowest adherence; such that those in the top tertile were 47% less likely to have glioma than those in the bottom tertile"