Adipokines and Adipose Tissue-Related Metabolites, Nuts and Cardiovascular Disease

Year Published: 2020




Camila Weschenfelder, Alexandre Schaan de Quadros, Julia Lorenzon dos Santos, Silvia Bueno Garofallo and Aline Marcadenti


Aim: "The aim of this review is to briefly describe possible mechanisms implicated in weight homeostasis related to different nuts, as well as studies that have evaluated the effects of nut consumption on adipokines and metabolites related to adipose tissue and gut microbiota in animal models, healthy individuals, and primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention."

Key Findings

Key Findings: Conclusion from authors: "Metabolites, which are secreted by adipose tissue, formed by the intestinal microbiota or originated from nut components, appear to be related to adipokines, cardiometabolism, and CVD. Nut supplementation is associated with favorable outcomes in the cardiovascular system, without increasing adiposity. However, these results appear to be dependent on nut composition, dose, and duration of intervention. Due to their complex nutritional composition, several mechanisms seem to explain the possible benefits associated with nut consumption on adipose tissue and intestinal microbiota modulation, but their specific effects on the complex adipose tissue–gut microbiota-cardiovascular system network are not yet fully established. Interactions between nuts, adipose tissue, and adipokines/derived metabolites on cardiovascular health need further investigation, especially in the context of primary and secondary cardiovascular prevention through large randomized controlled trials."