Adolescent alcohol, nuts, and fiber: combined effects on benign breast disease risk in young women

Year Published: 2020


npj breast cancer


Catherine S. Berkey, Rulla M. Tamimi, Walter C. Willett, Bernard Rosner, Martha Hickey, Adetunji T. Toriola, A. Lindsay Frazier & Graham A. Colditz


This study included 9031 adolescent girls and looked at risk of benign breast disease (BBD) with diet. Specifically, authors looked at if consumption of peanuts/peanut butter/other nuts could reduce risk of BBD, even if participants reported consuming alcohol. Adolescent alcohol consumption is associated with an increased risk of BBD, and BBD is an established risk factor for breast cancer.

Key Findings

Key Findings: The results showed that adolescent alcohol consumption was associated with increased BBD risk. However, that risk was attenuated when participants reported consuming peanuts/peanut butter/other nuts. The authors concluded that "for high school females who drink, their BBD risk may be attenuated by consuming nuts."