Anthocyanins from black peanut skin protect against UV-B induced keratinocyte cell and skin oxidative damage through activating Nrf 2 signaling

Year Published: 2019


Food Funct


Li K, Zhang M, Chen H, Peng J, Jiang F, Shi X, Bai Y, Jian M, Jia Y


In ths study, authors tested the effects of anthocyanins in black peanut skins on protecting against UVB damage to the skin in mice. The skins of peanuts contain many antioxidants, some of which are called anthocyanins (typically found in deep blue/purple colored plant foods).

Key Findings

Key Findings: Results showed that topical application of the anthocyanins from peanut skins reduced oxidative stress and protected against UVB damage. Authors conclude that anthocyanins from black peanut skins might be used as therapy against skin damage and may have application in humans.