Year Published: 2014




Katherine Anagnostou, PhD; Sabita Islam, PhD; Yvonne King, RSN; Loraine Foley, PhD; Laura Pasea, BSc; Simon Bond, PhD; Chris Palmer, PhD; John Deighton, BSc; Pamela Ewan, MD; Andrew Clark, MD


This feeding study from Cambridge University utilized 45 participants aged 7-16 who had an immediate hypersensitivity reaction to peanuts. Authors tested the efficacy of ingesting approximately 5 peanuts per day on desensitization to peanuts

Key Findings

Results showed that 84% of the participants tolerated the daily ingestion of peanut in the first phase, and 91% tolerated it in the 2nd phase. The authors concluded that oral immunotherapy successfully induced desensitization in most children. Quality of life was also improved after the intervention.