Association of Total Nut, Tree Nut, Peanut, and Peanut Butter Consumption with Cancer Incidence and Mortality: A Comprehensive Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies

Year Published: 2020


Adv Nutr


Sina Naghshi, Mehdi Sadeghian, Morteza Nasiri, Sara Mobarak, Masoomeh Asadi, Omid Sadeghi


This study examined the current evidence on peanut/tree nut consumption and cancer risk and mortality.

Key Findings

Key Findings: There was a significant inverse relationship between total nut intake and risk of cancer. Highest nut consumption was associated with a 13% lower risk. There was a weaker association between peanut consumption and cancer risk. Authors added, "In terms of cancer mortality, we found 13%, 18%, and 8% risk reductions with higher intakes of total nuts, tree nuts, and peanuts, respectively. In addition, a 5-g/d increase in total nut intake was associated with a 4% lower risk of cancer mortality. In conclusion, our findings support the protective association between total nut and tree nut intake and the risk of cancer and its mortality." In general, peanut butter intake was not associated with cancer risk in the studies identified.