Cerebrovascular and cognitive benefits of high-oleic peanut consumption in healthy overweight middle-aged adults

Year Published: 2016


Nutr Neurosci


Barbour JA, Howe PRC, Buckley JD, Bryan J, Coates AM


This was a feeding study that examined 61 males and females who consumed peanuts with their diets for 12 weeks. Participants did not consume other nuts throughout the study. Authors investigated the effect of peanut consumption (with skins) on cerebrovascular (blood vessels the brain) and cognitive function. Males consumed 3 servings of peanuts each day for 6 days a week, and females consumed 2 servings each day for 6 days a week.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Results showed that regular peanut consumption improved both cerebrovascular and cognitive function. The authors noted that these results are likely due to the bioactive compounds in peanuts.