Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF)

Year Published: 2015


Matern Child Nutr


Irena AH, Bahwere P, Owino VO, Diop E, Bachmann MO4, Mbwili-Muleya C, Dibari F, Sadler K, Collins S


Authors compared the effectiveness of a milk-free soy-maize-sorghum ready-to-use therapeutic food (SMS-RUTF) to the standard peanut-milk RUTF (PM-RUTF) in children in Zambia. Recovery rates was the primary outcome.

Key Findings

Children in the SMS-RUTF group had lower recovery rates than children in the PM-RUTF group. The authors said, " In conclusion, the study did not confirm our hypothesis of equivalence between SMS-RUTF and P-RUTF in severe acute malnutrition management."