Development and acceptability of a novel milk-free soybean-maize-sorghum ready-to-use therapeutic food (SMS-RUTF) based on industrial extrusion cooking process

Year Published: 2014


Matern Child Nutr


Owino VO, Irena AH, Dibari F, Collins S


This study outlines the development and formulation of a soy-maize-sorghum ready-to-use therapeutic food (SMS-RUTF) with a shelf-life stability of 12 months. It also documents the product's acceptability among 45 normal children in Zambia

Key Findings

Key Findings: Children preferred the texture of the peanut-based RUTF over the SMS-RUTF. 50% of children expressed satisfaction with peanut-based RUTF texture vs 35.5% for SMS-RUTF (p=0.002).