Dialysis or a Plant-Based Diet in Advanced CKD in Pregnancy? A Case Report and Critical Appraisal of the Literature

Year Published: 2019


J Clin Med


Attini R, Montersino B, Leone F, Minelli F, Fassio F, Rossetti MM, Colla L, Masturzo B, Barreca A, Menato G, Piccoli GB


In this case study, a 28yr old pregnant woman with stage 4 chronic kidney disease was given a plant-based diet (cereals, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruit) in order to try to delay starting dialysis until after the pregnancy. Authors examined the effects of this plant-based diet on kidney function and on the pregnancy.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Results showed that the plant-based diet helped to stabilize kidney function during pregnancy. Fetal size was normal throughout the pregnancy, and the baby was born with adequate gestational weight. Authors conclude that plant-based diets may be used as a tool in pregnancy for stabilizing kidney function and avoiding the need for starting dialysis, without adversely affecting the baby's health.