Dietary changes in the first 3 years after breast cancer diagnosis: a prospective Chinese breast cancer cohort study

Year Published: 2018


Cancer Mang Res


Yuan-Yuan Lei, Suzanne C Ho, Ashley Cheng, Carol Kwok, Ka Li Cheung, Yi-Qian He, Chi-Kiu Iris Lee, Roselle Lee, and Winnie Yeo


This cohort study involved 1,462 Chinese women who were diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and provided dietary information. The study was designed to compare dietary intake before and after cancer diagnosis.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Breast cancer patients continuously and significantly increased their intake of fruits, vegetables, and nuts after their diagnosis when compared with before their diagnosis. The authors conclude that cancer diagnosis may be a stimulus for patients to make changes to their health. They also note that healthcare professionals should consider this a window of opportunity to educate patients about a healthy lifestyle.