Dietary Patterns Are Related to Cognitive Functioning in Elderly Enriched With Individuals at Increased Risk for Alzheimer’s Disease

Year Published: 2020


Eur J Nutr


L M P Wesselman , D Melo van Lent, A Schröder, O van de Rest , O Peters , F Menne, M Fuentes, J Priller, E J Spruth , S Altenstein , A Schneider , K Fließbach , S Roeske , S Wolfsgruber , L Kleineidam , A Spottke , V Pross , J Wiltfang , R Vukovich , A K Schild , E Düzel , C D Metzger , W Glanz , K Buerger , D Janowitz , R Perneczky , M Tatò , S Teipel , I Kilimann , C Laske , M Buchmann , A Ramirez , S A M Sikkes , F Jessen , W M van der Flier , M Wagner


This study looked at the relationship between dietary patterns and cognition in 389 elderly people from the German DELCODE stody.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Adherence to the Mediterranean and MIND diets were associated with better memory, as well as language functions. Both of these dietary patterns are rich in nuts, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.