Diets with customary levels of fat from plant origin may reverse coronary artery disease

Year Published: 2019


Med Hypotheses


Sanchez A, Mejia A, Sanchez J, Runte E, Brown-Fraser S, Bivens RL


In this article, investigators examined the current evidence surrounding whether plant fats can actually reverse coronary heart disease. Nuts, including peanuts, are known to be protective against heart disease, and are high in healthy fats.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Authors point to research that shows that "atherosclerosis was decreased when nuts that are rich in fat were added to a Mediterranean diet while atherosclerosis was increased in the controls. Also, two clinical cases show that coronary artery disease was reversed by low-fat plant-based diets that were supplemented with fat-rich foods of plant origin. These data, then, provide evidence that coronary artery disease may be reversed with a diet containing customary levels of fat from plant sources."