Effects of Low-FODMAP Diet on Symptoms, Fecal Microbiome, and Markers of Inflammation in Patients With Quiescent Inflammatory Bowel Disease in a Randomized Trial

Year Published: 2019




Cox SR, Lindsay JO, Fromentin S, Stagg AJ, McCarthy NE, Galleron N, Ibraim SB, Roume H, Levenez F, Pons N, Maziers N, Lomer MC, Ehrlich SD, Irving PM, Whelan K


This study was designed to test the effects of a low FODMAP diet on gut symptoms in irritable bowl disease (IBD). A low FODMAP diet is a dietary plan that is low in short-chain carbohydrates and sugar alcohols, which are poorly absorbed by the body and can increase IBD symptoms. Peanuts are considered in a low-FODMAP food and is appropriate for the diet.

Key Findings

Key Findings: After 4 weeks, patients on the low FODMAP diet had significant improvements in specific IBD symptoms, indicating relief. Although the severity of the disease itself did not change, it had an effect on reducing symptoms. Authors conclude that a 4-week low-FODMAP diet is a safe and effective treatment for managing gut symptoms in patients with IBD.