Effects of peanut processing on body weight and fasting plasma lipids.

Year Published: 2010


Br J Nutr


McKiernan F, Lokko P, Kuevi A, Sales RL, Costa NM, Bressan J, Alfenas RC, Mattes RD


In this study, investigators compared different peanut forms: raw unsalted, roasted unsalted, roasted salted, honey roasted, and peanut butter. They looked at the differences in palatability across the 5 forms, and also examined the differences in effect on body weight/lipid profile. The study included 118 participants from Brazil, Ghana, and the United States and continued for 4 weeks.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Honey roasted, roasted salted, and roasted unsalted peanuts were rated at 75, 73, and 60 respectively in terms of palatability. Peanut butter was the most palatable (78) and raw peanuts were the least palatable (60). However, peanut form did not alter the lipid-lowering effects of peanuts, which were observed with all varieties. Additionally, none of the forms adversely affected weight.