Exposure to a slightly sweet lipid-based nutrient supplement during early life does not increase the level of sweet taste most preferred among 4- to 6-year-old Ghanaian children: follow-up of a randomized controlled trial

Year Published: 2019


Am J Clin Nutr


Harriet Okronipa, Mary Arimond, Charles D Arnold, Rebecca R Young, Seth Adu-Afarwuah, Solace M Tamakloe, Maku E Ocansey, Sika M Kumordzie, Brietta M Oaks, Julie A Mennella, and Kathryn G Dewey


This study was a follow-up to a feeding study done in Ghanaian children to determine if the slightly sweet taste of lipid nutrient supplements (LNS) that include peanuts increases a child’s preference for sweet tastes later on. LNS are used in the treatment of malnutrition in children in many parts of the world, and peanuts play an integral role in the formulation.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Exposure to LNS early in a child's life did not increase their preference for sweet foods later in life, even though the LNS contained a little sugar. LNS continues to be an important tool in treating malnutrition in children.