Food groups and risk of colorectal cancer

Year Published: 2019


Int J Cancer


Lukas Schwingshack Carolina Schwedhelm Georg Hoffmann Sven Knüppel Anne Laure Preterre Khalid Iqbal Angela Bechthold Stefaan De Henauw Nathalie Michels Brecht Devleesschauwer Heiner Boeing Sabrina Schlesinger


This study reviewed the current evidence surrounding food groups and risk of colorectal cancer. Authors looked at 12 major food groups, including nuts.

Key Findings

Key Findings: In the subgroup analysis, nut consumption was associated with reduced risk of colon cancer. Although there was no association with rectal cancer, authors suggest that this may be because there are few studies on nut consumption and rectal cancer. More studies are needed in this area. However, evidence from this review indicates that nut consumption may lower colon cancer risk.