Increased Nut Consumption and Subsequent Cardiovascular Disease Risk Among U.S. Men and Women: Three Large Prospective Cohort Studies (OR17-08-19)

Year Published: 2019


Curr Dev Nutr


Liu X1, Guasch-Ferré M1, Drouin-Chartier JP1, Tobias D2, Bhupathiraju S3, Rexrode K4, Sun Q3, Li Y1.


This study examined close to 200,000 men and women in three large cohort studies to look at the relationship between nut consumption and cardiovascular disease. Nut/peanut butter consumption was assessed every 4 years and risks were calculated.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Total nut consumption was associated with reduced risk of both cardiovascular disease and stroke. For every half-serving eaten each day, peanut consumption reduced cardiovascular disease risk by 8%.