Long-term associations of nut consumption with body weight and obesity

Year Published: 2014


Am J Clin Nutr


Jackson CL, Hu FB


Weight gain is a gradual process, with most adults gaining approximately 1 pound per year on average. Dietary measures are needed to help with weight management. This review looked at the evidence surrounding nut consumption (including peanuts) and body weight.

Key Findings

Key Findings: At the time of this review, there were 3 studies that sought to directly measure the relationship between nut consumption and long-term weight change. All of the studies concluded that nut consumption was associated with less weight gain over time. Nut consumption is associated with lower body weight and weight gain, probably due to protein, dietary fiber, and unsaturated fats which increase satiety and may potentially decrease body fat accumulation. Also, increased energy loss with nut consumption may contribute to better weight control. Authors concluded that higher nut consumption does not appear to cause weight gain; rather, they may be beneficial for weight control over time.