Neuroprotective effect of p-coumaric acid in mice with cerebral ischemia reperfusion injuries

Year Published: 2018


Metab Brain Dis


Sakamula R, Thong-Asa W


In this study, authors investigated the effects of p-coumaric acid on reperfusion injury after a stroke. P-coumaric acid is a prominent antioxidant found in peanuts. Reperfusion injury, which can happen after blood supply is restored to the brain following a stroke, can result in permanent disability and cognitive decline.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Authors demonstrated that p-coumaric acid was able to decrease the effects of a reperfusion injury after a stroke through its antioxidant capabilities. Authors concluded that p-coumaric acid could prevent brain damage and neuronal death caused by a reperfusion injury, which could further prevent disability and cognitive decline.