Nut consumption and urogenital and genital, gastrointestinal and women‐related cancers: Assessment and review

Year Published: 2023


Chronic Diseases and Translational Medicine


Maryam Mohamadi1, Periklis Dousdampanis2, Soheila Pourmasumi4,5, Monavare Naderi


The prevalence of cancer, especially in industrial countries, is a major problem for health and treatment systems. Cancer can affect the quality of life of all family members and has many negative effects on the community. Despite many advances in cancer treatment, this disease is still a major worldwide problem. There is strong evidence that dietary habits are effective in protecting against cancer and even helping in the disease treatment progress. Nuts with various biologically‐active compounds, such as vitamins, phytosterols, isoflavones, flavonoids, and polyphenols have been reported to possess anticarcinogenic properties. Accordingly, this review provides an insight into the association between nut consumption and the prevention of some cancers. We considered the cancers related to the urogenital and genital tract, gastrointestinal tract, as well as women‐related cancers.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Both cell culture examinations and experimental animal studies alongside observational epidemiological studies demonstrated that regular consump- tion of a nut‐enriched diet is able to reduce the risk of these cancers.