Nut Intake Among Overweight/Obese African-American Women in the Rural South

Year Published: 2016


Am J Health Behav


Samara R. Sterling, MS, Brenda Bertrand, PhD, Suzanne Judd, PhD, and Monica L. Baskin, PhD


This study examined the amount, source, and quality of nut consumption among African-American women living in rural Alabama and Mississippi. Two dietary surveys were collected to record nut intake, and 426 women were studied.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Forty-two percent of the participants regularly consumed nuts, but ony 16% met the federal recommendations. Nut consumption was often accompanied by high sugar and high sodium. Authors recommend increasing consumption of stand-alone nuts in this community, which were mainly from peanuts (47%). They also recommend that efforts in this community target meeting the federal recommendations for nut consumption.