Nutritional and bioactive composition of Spanish, Valencia, and Virginia type peanut skins

Year Published: 2021


Journal of Food Composition and Analysis


RodrigoMuñoz-Arrieta, DanielEsquivel-Alvarado, Emilia Alfaro-Viquez, Victor Alvarez-Valverde, Christian G.Krueger, Jess D.Reed


"The aims of this study were to determine the proximate and amino acid compositions, mineral content, and fatty acid and proanthocyanidins (PAC) profiles of peanut skins (PS) from three varieties of peanuts."

Key Findings

Key Findings: Peanut skins are high in phenolic compounds, which contain one or more A-type interflavan bonds. These bonds, which are similar to what is found in cranberries, have been shown to be especially effective at reducing risk of urinary tract infections and possibly Crohn's Disease. Although still early, preliminary evidence suggests that these compounds and unique structure may have clinical benefits in preventing and managing Crohn’s Disease.