Optimisation for resveratrol accumulation during peanut germination with phenylalanine feeding & ultrasound‐treatment using response surface methodology

Year Published: 2016


Int J Food Sci Technol


Miao Yu, Hongzhi Liu, Ying Yang, Aimin Shi, Li Liu, Hui Hui , Qiang Wang


In this study, authors investigated various methods for increasing the content of resveratrol in peanuts.

Key Findings

Key Findings: "The optimum conditions for resveratrol accumulation were as follows: phenylalanine concentration at 0.8 mm, ultrasonic power at 240 W, ultrasonic treatment time at 30 min and ultrasonic treatment temperature at 35 °C. Using the optimum condition, resveratrol concentration in germinated peanuts reached 36.99 μg g−1 (DW), which was almost 9.4 times higher than that in the nongerminating peanut."