Peanut consumption associated with a reduced risk of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma: A case–control study in a high‐risk area in China

Year Published: 2018


Thorac Cancer


Yanjie Zhao, Lin Zhao, Zhiping Hu, Jiangping Wu, Jun Li, Chenxu Qu, Yongming He


Esophageal cancer is ranked as the top 10th malignancy in China. This was a case-control study which compared the number of esophageal cancer cases (n=222) to the number of normal cases or controls (n=222). Authors used logistic regression to estimate the risk of esophageal cancer with peanut consumption.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Peanut consumption 1-3 times per week reduced esophageal cancer risk by 38%, while consumption 4 times or more per week lowered risk by 70%.