Peanut Consumption in Malawi: An Opportunity for Innovation

Year Published: 2018




Aggrey P. Gama, Koushik Adhikari, David A. Hoisington


The prevalence of malnutrition is high in sub-Saharan Africa, and peanut products may provide a valuable source of nutrients. The authors investigated Malawian consumers' peanut consumption patterns, preferences, and their readiness to try new foods.

Key Findings

Key Findings: The majority of participants (70.4%) consumed peanuts (in any form) at least 3 times per week. Peanut flour and peanut butter were the most preferred peanut forms among these consumers. Fifty-four percent of responders said they were willing to try new food products for the first time. Women were more likely to prefer peanut flour than men; men were more likely to prefer roasted peanuts. Consumers with higher monthly incomes were more likely to prefer boiled peanuts compared to those with lower income. These findings present opportunities for innovation efforts to develop and market nutritious peanut products that will appeal to the various groups in Malawi.