Dietary Patterns

Year Published: 2019




Giontella A, Bonafini S, Tagetti A, Bresadola I, Minuz P, Gaudino R, Cavarzere P, Ramaroli DA, Marcon D, Branz L, Nicolussi Principe L, Antoniazzi F, Maffeis C, Fava C


"The aim of this school-based study was to identify the possible association between diet and physical activity, as well as the anthropometric, vascular, and gluco-lipid parameters." The study included 309 children.

Key Findings

Nut, fruit, and vegetable intake were associated with lower glucose levels in children. Authors conclude that "the high prevalence of obesity and high blood pressure and the significant correlations between some categories of food and metabolic and vascular parameters suggest the importance of life-style modification politics at an early age to prevent the onset of overt cardiovascular risk factors in childhood.