Relation between Dietary Habits, Physical Activity, and Anthropometric and Vascular Parameters in Children Attending the Primary School in the Verona South District

Year Published: 2019




Giontella A, Bonafini S, Tagetti A, Bresadola I, Minuz P, Gaudino R, Cavarzere P, Ramaroli DA, Marcon D, Branz L, Nicolussi Principe L, Antoniazzi F, Maffeis C, Fava C


This school-based study was designed to identify the possible relationship between diet and physical activity, as well as other health parameters in 309 children.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Nut, fruit, and vegetable intake were associated with lower glucose levels in children. Lifestyle modifications should begin at an early age to prevent the onset of cardiovascular risk factors in children.