Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes, Pregnancy

Year Published: 2022


J Matern Fetal Neonatal Med


Xinxin Pang et al


This was a prospective observational study conducted in Southwest China. Dietary information was assessed through 3-day 24-h dietary recalls at 6–14 gestational weeks. For soy foods and nuts, non-consumers were used as the reference category and the consumers were categorized into tertiles. GDM was assessed with the 75-g, 2-h oral glucose tolerance test at 24–28 gestational weeks. Log-binomial models were used to assess the effects of soy foods and nuts on GDM.

Key Findings

Of the 1495 pregnant women, 529 were diagnosed with GDM. Median (IQRs) intakes of soy foods and nuts were 2.9 (0.0, 10.3) and 5.0 (0.0, 15.0) g/d, respectively. Our study found that, compared with the non-consumers, the highest tertile of soy foods intake was associated with a decrease in risk of GDM (RR = 0.73, 95%CI: 0.54–0.99, p = .049). Similarly, compared with the non-consumers, a negative relationship between the highest tertile of nuts intake and GDM risk was identified (RR = 0.65, 95%CI: 0.48–0.89, p = .007).