Ready-to-use Therapeutic Foods (RUTF)

Year Published: 2017


Am J Clin Nutr


Bahwere P, Akomo P, Mwale M, Murakami H, Banda C, Kathumba S, Banda C, Jere S, Sadler K, Collins S


This study compared the effectiveness of a sorghum-maize-soy ready-to-use therapeutic food (SMS-RUTF) fortified with amino acids to the peanut-RUTF (P-RUTF) in treating malnutrition. Two types of SMS were tested: one with milk (MSMS-RUTF), and one without (FSMS-RUTF).

Key Findings

Although SMS-RUTF was not inferior to P-RUTF in terms of recovery rate, P-RUTF groups had lowest mortality rates and had higher weight gain than both SMS groups. Peanut-RUTFs were superior in terms of weight gain in malnourished children