Supplemental feeding with ready-to-use therapeutic food in Malawian children at risk of malnutrition

Year Published: 2005


J Health Popul Nutr


Patel MP1, Sandige HL, Ndekha MJ, Briend A, Ashorn P, Manary MJ


A comparison of the effectiveness of peanut-based RUTF (P-RUTF) for treating childhood malnutrition vs. a corn-soy blend

Key Findings

Key Findings: Children receiving peanut-RUTF were more likely to recover and had greater rates of weight gain than children receiving corn/soy-blend (58% vs 22%; difference 36%). The results suggest that supplementary feeding with peanut-RUTF promotes better growth in children at risk of malnutrition than the fortified cereal/legume-blended food.