The addition of peanuts to habitual diets is associated with lower consumption of savory non-core snacks by men and sweet non-core snacks by women.

Year Published: 2017


Nutr Res


Barbour JA, Stojanovski E, Moran LJ, Howe PRC, Coates AM


In this feeding study, authors examined 67 men and women to look at the effects of adding peanuts to the diet on snacking patterns. Participants consumed their habitual diets either with or without peanuts and their food diaries were analyzed.

Key Findings

Key Findings: During the peanut consumption phase, men ate less savory snacks, and women ate less sweet snacks, both of which could be less nutritious. Authors concluded that including peanuts in the diet could offer a replacement for non-core foods. For optimal benefits, peanuts should be subsituted for less healthy snacks.