The association between insulin resistance and the consumption of nut including peanut, pine nut and almonds in working-aged Korean population

Year Published: 2021


Public Health Nutr


Sung Keun Park, Chang-Mo Oh, Ju Young Jung


"Studies have reported that nuts intake is potentially beneficial to cardiometabolic health. However, there have been heterogenous results regarding the association between nut intake/consumption and the risk of diabetes mellitus (DM). Insulin resistance (IR) is a major pathophysiology of DM. Thus, this study was to assess the association between nuts consumption and IR." The study included 379,310 Koreans and was a retrospectiive cross-sectional study

Key Findings

Key Findings: Nuts included peaunts, pine nuts, and almonds. The results showed that compared with those who consumed nuts less than once per month, participants who ate nuts at least once or more times per month had lower odds of elevated insulin resistance. Increased nut consumption may have a beneficial impact on insulin resistance.