Towards the development of peanut–wheat flour composite dough: Influence of reduced‐fat peanut flour on bread quality

Year Published: 2018


J Food Process Preserv


A. S. Adeboye, O. E. Fayemi, A. Bamgbose, A. Adewunmi, S. S. Sobowale


In this study, authors investigated using reduced-fat peanut flour in varying proportions (10-50%) with wheat flour to make bread. They then examined the results of each proportion on physical parameters, sensory profile, and shelf life.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Consumers preferred the taste and aroma of the peanut-wheat flour loaves that included 20% or more of peanut flour. Breads that had atleast 10% peanut flour inclusion had a higher overall acceptability than 100% wheat flour. Authors concluded that incorporating peanut flour into breads may add value to the bread variety on market shelves.