Year Published: 2018


Cancer Causes Control


Piet A. van den Brandt; Lisette Nieuwenhuis


This was the Netherlands cohort study, which included 62,573 post-menopausal women aged 55-69. Dietary questionnaires were collected in 1986 that asked about total nut, peanut, and peanut butter intake per day. 3,354 breast cancer (BRC) cases, both estrogen negative and estrogen positive (ER- and ER+) were identified. Authors measured risk of both types of breast cancer based on nut consumption.

Key Findings

For participants who consumed 10g/day or more, total nut intake decreased risk of ER- breast cancer, the harder to treat type (p=0.025). Peanut intake was also separately associated with decreased risk of ER- breast cancer.