Vaccine against peanut allergy based on engineered Virus-Like-Particles displaying single major peanut allergens

Year Published: 2019


J Agric Food Chem


Storni F, Zeltins A, Balke I, Heath MD, Kramer MF, Skinner MA, Zha L, Roesti E, Engeroff P, Muri L, von Werdt D, Gruber T, Cragg M, Mlynarczyk M, Kündig TM, Vogel M, Bachmann MF


Authors found that the vaccine protected peanut-sensitive mice against anaphalaxis and did not cause allergic reactions. The authors note that this method of vaccination may provide a novel and safe therapy against peanut allergy.

Key Findings

Key Findings: In this animal study, investigators aimed to create a vaccine against peanut allergies using extracts of roasted peanuts in mice.