Peanuts: The Earth’s Favorite Food

You want the foods you eat to be delicious and nutritious—and peanuts get an A+ in both those categories. But in a recent survey, half of Americans said it’s also at least somewhat important to them that their food be produced in a sustainable way. Well, peanuts ace that test, too: They’re one of the most earth-friendly foods.

4 Bioactive Reasons to Eat More Peanuts

Bioactive probably isn’t a word you use every day—but maybe it should be. Simply put, bioactive compounds that are found in some foods act in your body in ways that promote a longer, healthier life. One particular food that’s packed with bioactive compounds: peanuts.

3 Things Our Culinary Retreat Taught Health Influencers About Peanuts

Who doesn’t love food and wine? Especially in California’s beautiful Napa Valley region! Food journalists and health influencers from across the U.S., Canada and Mexico joined researchers and industry leaders in wine country to learn about the power of peanuts at our 2018 Culinary Retreat at The Culinary Institute of America at Greystone.

4 Healthy Reasons to Choose Peanuts

Let’s be honest: The number one reason you eat peanuts or peanut butter is probably because you crave the rich taste. Fortunately, this is one time you don’t have to make a trade-off between flavor and nutrition.1Peanuts are as good for your health as they are satisfying to your taste buds. In fact, when eaten in moderation, peanuts have been linked to improved blood sugar control and cholesterol levels