The Peanuts Institute Welcomes Research Director Dr. Samara Sterling to its Team

May 2018

The Peanut Institute is excited to welcome its new research director to the team. Samara Sterling, Ph.D., joins the organization with specialties in nutrition science, clinical leadership and expertise in the use of plant-based nutrition for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. In her new role, Dr. Sterling will manage the current nutrition research funded by The Peanut Institute and industry partners, and monitor industry research to determine the best fit for peanuts in new research studies.

“I am excited to join The Peanut Institute and begin working with key industry partners to maximize research dollars and impact the public’s knowledge of peanut nutrition,” Sterling said. “As research director, I look forward to monitoring legislation and nutrition policy to enable The Peanut Institute to weigh in on proposed changes.”

Dr. Sterling attributes her passion for nutrition and peanut research to her ability to engage patients, research participants, and community members in ways that motivate them to make changes in their health. These interests empower her to translate complex evidence-based scientific material into easy-to-understand forms for the general public. Prior to graduating with a doctorate in nutrition science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, she worked as a nutrition researcher and consultant on a large-scale study examining nut consumption and health in a rural community. She has served as Community Health Educator for Veggie Nutrition Doctor, where she provided health and wellness related advice, and created nutrition-based educational videos. She also has a clinical background, serving as a Clinical Leader at SmartCare Urgent Care.

Active in the research community, Dr. Sterling is a reviewer for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Preventing Chronic Disease Journal. Currently, she serves as a reviewer for the Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities.


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