Vegetarian Diets May Extend Life

New data from the Adventist Health Study-2 shows that vegetarian diets are associated with lower death rates, from all health-related causes, compared to non-vegetarian diets. When The Peanut Institute attended the International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition meeting earlier this year, research was presented from an earlier Adventist Health Study, that looked at death rates and showed vegetarians who consumed nuts and peanuts had a lower risk of heart disease than non-nut eating vegetarians. Other studies have also shown a correlation between nuts and peanuts and reduced mortality, including a study by Harvard in which substituting a serving of red meat with nuts decreased the risk of death by 19%. Although individual food components have not yet been analyzed in this recent study, it is likely that nuts and peanuts might play a role in risk reduction. Peanuts are the commonly consumed nut in the U.S. and both peanuts and peanut butter have been associated with decreased risk of many chronic diseases among vegetarians and meat-eaters. Click here to learn more about how adding peanuts to your diet can help reduce risk of disease.