A Rapid Advice Guideline for the Prevention of Novel Coronavirus Through Nutritional Intervention

Year Published: 2020


Curr Dev Nutr


Savita Budhwar, Kashika Sethi, and Manali Chakraborty


This report offers nutritional guidance for the prevention of COVID-19. According to the authors," Till now, there has not been any specific treatment found for this virus. Hence, there is a critical need to discover alternative techniques to cope with the current scenario."

Key Findings

Key Findings: A review of the evidence indicates that the virus is likely to affect individuals with low immunity most severely. Therefore, diets that boost immunity are recommended. Specifically, this article recommends peanut consumption because of its high content of vitamin E, which helps to boost immunity. Peanuts are also recommended as a food source of zinc, a mineral that is important for immunity. The following immune-boosting recipe with peanuts is recommended: "Ginger Peanut Soy Curry Instructions Soak the soybean in clean water for 30 min. Over medium heat, fry the mustard seeds in any healthy oil, preferably olive oil, for 2–3 min. Add and cook the onion till it becomes soft and brown. Add ginger, garlic, and salt. Cook this mixture for a few minutes till the fragrance starts coming. Then, add tomato paste and peanut butter (if desired) and mix it thoroughly. Boil it and lower the flame to a simmer. Cook uncovered for 15 min till it becomes a sauce. Add spinach and cook for 5 min till it becomes withered. Fresh coriander leaves can be topped for taste. Advantages Protein-rich, flu-fighting property, immunity-boosting recipe, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties, increase the circulation, and cleanse the blood."