Composition of Nuts and Their Potential Health Benefits—An Overview

Year Published: 2015




Berta Gonçalves 1,*ORCID, Teresa Pinto 1ORCID, Alfredo Aires 1ORCID, Maria Cristina Morais 1ORCID, Eunice Bacelar 1ORCID, Rosário Anjos 1ORCID, Jorge Ferreira-Cardoso 1ORCID, Ivo Oliveira 1, Alice Vilela 2ORCID and Fernanda Cosme 2ORCID


Abstract The possibility that nut intake may defend human health is an interesting point of view and has been investigated worldwide. Consequently, nuts are commonly promoted as healthy. In recent decades, the number of investigations proposing a correlation between nut consumption and a decrease in the risk of key chronic diseases has continued to increase.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Nuts are a source of intake of fiber, and dietary fiber is associated with a reduced occurrence of obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Nuts likewise provide minerals and vitamins to the diet and supply phytochemicals that function as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and phytoestrogens agents and other protective mechanisms. Therefore, the main goal of this overview is to summarize current information and to describe the utmost new investigation concerning the health benefits of certain nuts.