Diet with peanuts and wild Jujubier honey can affect male hamster spermatogenesis?

Year Published: 2023


Journal of Analytican Sciences & Applied Biotech


Ibtissam CHAKIR et al


Infertility is a multifaceted issue, involving male and female factors, along with modifiable and non-modifiable elements. Our investigation delved into the effects of daily peanut and Jujubier wild honey consumption on reproductive function and heightened seminal secretions in 21-day-old male hamsters (n=12), divided into three groups.

Key Findings

Key Findings: By scrutinizing gonad, seminal vesicle size, and body weight, we observed positive influences of diets containing peanut and/or honey, notably on body weight and testis size in comparison to control groups. This preliminary study underscores the potential impact of diet on sperm production in prepubescent male hamsters, offering early insights into dietary strategies for potentially addressing infertility. As a topical concern, infertility's intricate dynamics warrant further exploration, and our study contributes to the growing understanding of the interplay between diet and reproductive health.