Effect of Peanut Butter Intake on Sleep Health in Firefighters: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Year Published: 2024


Int J Environ Res Public Health


Tiffany J. Oberther et al


Sleep is often impaired in firefighters due to the psychologically and physiologically intense nature of their work and working shift schedules. Peanut butter is affordable and a substantial source of monounsaturated fatty acids, which may aid sleep health. Thus, this study sought to determine if a daily serving of peanut butter consumed before bedtime for seven weeks altered sleep quality and quantity among full-time firefighters. Forty firefighters (peanut butter group = 20; control group = 20) participated in this eight-week randomized controlled trial. All participants completed a subjective questionnaire on mood, focus, and alertness twice daily and wore an Actigraph wristwatch to measure sleep variables, including latency, efficiency, time in bed, time asleep, wake after sleep onset, number of awakenings, and time spent awake. After a baseline week, the peanut butter group consumed two tablespoons of peanut butter two hours prior to bedtime for seven weeks.

Key Findings

Key Findings: Compared to the control group, the peanut butter group did not demonstrate significant changes (p > 0.05) in sleep measures or subjective feelings of mood, focus, or alertness after consuming peanut butter for seven weeks. Therefore, peanut butter as a source of peanuts did not alter sleep quality or quantity in this group of firefighters.