Dietary Patterns, Gut microbiome

Year Published: 2021


Front Nutr


Cinzia Myriam Calabrese, Alessia Valentini, Giorgio Calabrese


This review looked at the relationship between diet, type 2 diabetes, and the gut microbiome.

Key Findings

The review discusses that the Mediterranean diet (MD), which is based on high consumption of cereals (preferably as whole grains), legumes, nuts, vegetables, fruits, olive oil, and fish, could play a protective role on the gut microbiota, as well as inflammation and the immune system. A higher intake of polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega-3-fatty-acids contribute to a better metabolic control. There seems to be a relationship between gut microbiota and Type 1 diabetes and a Mediterranean diet on microbiota can be explored as a potential therapeutic strategy, aimed at preventing or delaying progression of type 1 diabetes.