Influence of ohmic heating on structure, texture and flavor of peanut protein isolate

Year Published: 2023


Food Science and Human Wellness


Ying Chen, Sunxiang Ye, Luqiang Liu, Yiping Ren, Qian Li, Chen Zhang, Jian-Ya Qian


The impacts of ohmic heating (OH) on the physical structure and volatile compounds of peanut protein (PP) were investigated for low denaturation plant-based meat ingredient using peanut protein isolate (PPI). The microstructure, texture, color, polar and weakly polar volatile compounds were characterized qualitatively and quantitatively using colorimetry, scanning electron microscopy, texture analysis, headspace solid-phase microextraction, DB-WAX and DB-5MS columns for separation, and combination of gas chromatography (GC) and mass spectrometry (MS).

Key Findings

Key Findings: The principal component analysis and partial least square discrimination were applied to the results of the volatile compounds attribution. The results showed that OH treatments modified the second and tertiary structure of PP, improved the texture, caused either disappearance of indigenous compounds or emerging of new volatile compounds. OH could reduce off-flavor and increase pleasant compounds of PPI. The findings suggested that the OH is promising in vegetable protein structure and flavor improvement.